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Hillsboro H-Club

H Club Sponsors
Scott O'Hare
Dennis Boldt

Purpose--The purpose of this organization is the promotion of athletic activities in the high school and the furtherance of teamwork and sportsmanship in all athletic contests.  Its aim is to promote strong school spirit and show support for all the students involved in athletic activities.  It shall also encourage respectful behavior in regard to athletic equipment and do all within its power to promote a spirit of fellowship among its members.

Criteria for Membership--Any student earning a letter as an athlete in a competitive varsity sport shall be eligible for membership.  To remain eligible each member must be involved in at least one sport during the current school year.  Any current member may lose eligibility if he/she is not involved in a sport for an entire school year.

Senior Athletic Award--Student must attend HHS last 3 years of high school, and all letters must be earned from HHS. Student must become a member of H-Club by the beginning of their Junior year.

Membership Dues--The membership dues will be $5.00 per school year.  This amount must be paid in order to become a member for the current school year and to attend any meetings.  For first time letter-winners, the dues are to be paid on or before the date of the first scheduled meeting after receiving their letter.  Any past letterwinners should pay the membership dues on or before the date of the first scheduled meeting of that school year.

Letterjackets and Awards--The official letterjacket of the "H" Club is a maroon wool body jacket with maroon sleeves (vinyl or leather).  The collar, cuffs, and waistband are maroon with two gold stripes.  The official letter is maroon with gold trim.  The letter is to be worn on the jacket on the left chest.
--Members of this organization shall wear only the letters awarded by Hillsboro High School.
--The letterjacket shall be treated with respect and worn with pride.
--Any other items may be worn on the letterjacket provided that they are related to personal or school items.  These items may include your name, graduation year, a picture of the Trojan mascot, the words "Hillsboro" or "Trojans", any award patches for athletic achievement, or any other items which show pride and support for Hillsboro High School.


2005-06 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
Peter Fast, Tim Funk, Ric Johnson, Kyle Kroeker, Justin Moore

2004-05 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
Amy Durksen, Derek Hamm, Emily Ratzlaff

2003-04 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
Tim Glahn, Kyle Jilka, Aaron Yoder, Daniel Yoder

2002-03 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
James Bina, Dustin Jost, Alan Yoder

2001-02 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
Ron Davis, Ross Duerksen, Layne Frick, Carson Greenhaw, Jenna Jost, Shannon Kroeker, Holly Lindsay, Andrea Peachey, Robyn Penner, Wade Sorensen, Adam Woods

2000-01 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
Garret Call, Adam Jilka, Ryan Jilka, Dionne Jost

1999-2000 Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award Winners:
Angela Kroeker & Jacey Boese